Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chapter 8 What Ever Happened to a Birthday Wish?

As I was coming out of my dreamless sleep I heard voices, singing? “Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, ha-py birth-day to you, happy birthday to you!!!! Oh god I’d totally forgot about my birthday (never was much for them, I mean who wants to celebrate getting old???), as my eyes fully opened I saw mum and Dad’s ecstatic faces, they were holding parcels wrapped in Christmas wrapping, jesus it’s my birthday not Christmas, “Thanks Mum, thanks Dad” I said sleepily.
“Well which one do you want to open first?” she asked inquisitively.
“That one,” I pointed to a box shaped one, “ohh thankyou!” I said as I opened it (I knew it was chocolate which was alright with me). The rest of the morning was much the same, I stepped outside to the cold crisp morning ready for school (the good thing about moving schools was that no one knew your birthday).

As I waited outside of Aaron’s house for a good 5 minutes before he finally emerged holding a pink box in his hand tied with a purple ribbon. “Who’s that for?” I asked teasingly.
“You,” I stared at him with my eyebrows raised. “Well being your birthday and all I thought you might want a present.” He said innocently.
“Oh, wait how’d you know it was my birthday I never told you???” I asked.
“Well, your Mum told my Mum yesterday at the book club meeting my Mum runs it you see.”
“Oh, well, er… thanks but next time don’t bother okay?”
“Okay, please open it.” He said quietly. I carefully untied the ribbon then lifted the box’s lid to find there was a bronze leaf necklace gleaming at me. “Oh it’s beautiful thankyou! Maybe next year you can give me something after all!” I said giggling. Before we took off I gave him a hug and put the necklace round my neck. “Thankyou.” I said again.

I got to school and thank god no one else knew about my birthday, you know on my birthday I never feel much older I mean 17 is pretty old but I still feel like I’m 16. Great biology 1st yay (sarcasm) but I could finally ask Kai why he abandoned me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I stepped in the room I looked around for Kai but he was nowhere to be seen, as it was a Monday I presumed he had had a long weekend (well not really), I know, he caught a cold yesterday and it got really bad (well doubt it cause I don’t have a cold so why would he?)

I got out of biology to see Chelsea and her “gang” of friends swanning around Kane and all of a sudden she turned her head to me. “Great…” I whispered as she came towards me.
“So Kaze a little birdie told me you and Kai were in the bushes yesterday together, I wonder what you were doin?” she raised her eyebrow, “Nice 17th Birthday present of him wasn’t it?”
“2 questions, well actually 1 question but anyway, first I was not in the bushes with Kai! And second who told you it was my birthday?” I said annoyed.
“Your mother told me it was your birthday and well Aaron told me the rest!” she said smiling.
“Aaron wouldn’t tell you anything.” I said calmly.
“Well I offered him a kiss if he did and well you get the picture.” As she said this I felt like vomiting.
“Whose birthday?” Kane said barging in.
“Kaze’s,” she said as if she knew everything.
“Well, I better give her the usual birthday present of mine!” but before I could ask what it was I found out. It was a kiss and let me tell you his mouth mast harbour a miniature ocean for how much spit he has!
I pulled away quickly, “Ah thanks but no thanks!” I said seriously. I walked away as quick as I could without turning back but I could still feel Chelsea’s cold hard stare burning in the back of my neck. I looked nervously for Kai, I found him, “You told Chelsea everything just for a kiss!” I yelled.
“Well-“ he whispered but was interjected by me.
“ Oh never mind! But Kane just gave me a revolting birthday “present”! A kiss!” I said disgusted.
“Yeah he’s well known for that.” He said matter of factly.
“Well no one told me about it!” I said furious.

The rest of the day was ordinary and good. And after Kai’s little telling I decided to walk home alone which was relaxing and peaceful. As I stepped into the door I could smell mango! I walked into the kitchen to see mum with a big juicy mango beside her. “You can only have it if you told me what happened at school today.” Who did she think I was a parrot!
“Fine but bribery is against the law!” I said eyeing off the mango.
“Well I got this necklace, had boring subjects, I got kissed and I found out my friend is weak. Can I have the mango now?” I said innocently.
“You got kissed!”
“Mum that’s not the point, can I have the mango?”
“By who?” she said excitedly.
“Mum apparently it’s a tradition so nothings gonna come out of it okay?”
“Fine here's the mango.” She said disappointedly.

I went to my bedroom while sucking on the mango and decided I’d have a swim in the pool seen as it was hot and sunny. I got in and the water was warm and smooth like a velvet blanket caressing my skin. I tried doing some tricks like I did when I was little but it didn’t work out. I thought maybe this place wasn’t so bad (I mean the house nothing else) if a little big. I spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Chapter 7 Rain, Rain Go Away

For the 1st time since I moved here I woke up to rain, beautiful rain. The droplets softly landed on the window and trickled down. I’ve been up for a while just checking my facebook etc. and over time the rain has just gotten heavier and heavier, but still landing softly and trickling down, as I look out the window again I just had the sudden urge to go for a walk in the woods (even though the weather wasn’t at its best) and I guess seen as Dad was working and Mum was making ‘friends’ in this ‘nice’ town, it would be a good idea.

I grabbed my black hoodie and put my jeans on and walked out the back door (it is really more like a side door but oh well), walked past the over flowing pool and headed towards the wet and wonderful woods. As I got to them the rain turned into more of a lite sprinkle (no not the edible ones) then anything else. I got to the crossroad of the three paths again, I decided just to go straight ahead again.

As I went further into the woods the ground (which was not the dry dirt it had been yesterday) was all soft and squelchy, and if you stood there for long enough you started to sink. Somehow the rain managed to get through the thick, green, leafy trees but it still was like a lite shower, and every step I took more and more water crept into my black converses, and my hoodie was now saturated and my jeans had a small layer of mud crusting over them. The rain seemed to be getting heavier and fast.

I hadn’t realised but I had walked further then I ever had before and the path was thinning out and becoming over grown and I didn’t know what to do, so (like an idiot) I kept walking. After a while I saw a big patch of mud up ahead and I thought it was the path starting up again. Well I was kind of right… the path did start up again but… there was more then one path, heck there was more like eight. I went round in a circle trying to see where the paths lead but they all looked the same, and then I tried to find the one a came from but I couldn’t tell. I don’t know why but I just stood there staring off into the distance trying to see something, and then a tear rolled down my eye, then another and soon enough a was quietly sobbing, I mean I’m not someone who cries a lot but I just couldn’t help it.

I forgot all about what I said before and I realised I was sinking, I just jumped up still sobbing and tried to get out but I just couldn’t. Next thing I knew I was up to my waist in this sinking mud yelling, “Someone, anyone HELP, please help.” I started really crying know and the rain was what weather people called torrential. But yelling was no use no one would be out here, no one could here me, no one could save me because there was no one. While sobbing rather loudly I hadn’t noticed these dark brown almost black eyes staring at me, I lifted my head and saw a hand, “Well are you going to take it or not! I don’t have all day!” he said frustrated. I grabbed it (still sobbing) and he pulled me out. It was then I realised who he was, he was that guy in my biology class…Kai! “Thanks, Kai I-“ but he was already down a path running. “Where are you going?! Don’t leave me! Please come back!” I wailed. But he didn’t come back he just kept running till I couldn’t see him anymore.

I started panickly (I don’t care if that’s not a word) running after him, more like stumbling. The ground wasn’t the easiest to run on with the mud and the water making it extra slippery, not to mention the occasional rock or tree root. Still running after him I looked around and now knew where I was (but me being me I had to trip over on a root), but even though I knew where I was I knew I still had a fair way to go. So I just laid there crying, wishing he’d come back, but all I got was the rain pelting my back. So I got up meekly and kept running even though I knew I didn’t have any energy left in me. But I just kept powering on, till I got out, the rain was unbearable out here.

With every bone and muscle aching I sprinted inside, I checked the house mum still want home and neither was dad. I quickly checked the time 2:00, mum must still be making new ‘friends’ in this ‘nice’ town. I decided before she got home and saw me like this, muds stained, saturated and tear stricken I should go have a shower and get changed into my pj’s. The shower was so nice, hot steamy and relaxing, I must have been in there for ages so I turned it off and got changed. My pj’s felt so nice and comfy, loose fitting, not crusty with mud or saturated, but nice and warm and cosy. I checked the time 2:30. I decided to make my self a hot chocolate and take it up to my bed and read. So I did, the hot chocolate was delicious with really nice fresh creamy milk, and it was hot and steamy. My bed felt so soft and warm that I could lie there for days. I started to read a book called Song Quest by Katherine Roberts, the first in the Echorium Sequence (Yes, they are real books and I love them). After I read a few chapters I put the book down and turned on the radio, which was next to my bed, it was set on the news channel strangely enough and the newsman said in a monotone voice,
The torrential rain we have had today has caused flash flooding and technical difficulties through out the area of Trundle Hills people living in the area should not venture outside unless necessary…
Now you tell me, if mum and her ‘friends’ were listening to that means she would be home soon.

Just as I was thinking that I heard a slam of the door, I walked down the stairs to see mum standing there in a rain got happily. “Have fun with your friends?” I asked reluctantly.
“Yes, I’m sorry I’m all talked out can we do this another time?” she asked softly. I nodded she smiled and went off which was fine with me. I stumbled up the stairs and to my bed and just as I hopped in mum came in and asked “And how do suppose your jeans and jumper got like this Kaze?”
“I don’t know.” I said casually.
“Fine but make sure it doesn’t happen again okay!”
“Okay.” I said as my eyes slowly started to close over. I dreamed about that moment over and over again the way he just ran off leaving me there but I dint last for long as I woke to the door slamming again I presumed it was dad and just went into a dreamless sleep.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Chapter 6 Footsteps in the Forest

When I got home I just plonked myself on the couch and laid there for about half an hour until I got hungry and then I munched on some chips. Just before I went to sleep that image of the writing burned into the back of the school, I seriously wonder who that was aimed at? It could be aimed at anyone even me. I mean I did just move here and I don’t think this happens on a regular basis but Aaron said no one has lived in this house for 11 years, that anyone knows of at least. But what psycho would do that and how? The burn marks were up high and on brick and they were perfectly placed and written, how? Is there someone like me but with fire or am I just going crazy or delirious with lack of sleep? I don’t know but whoever it was and whoever it was aimed at sure got me going.

I woke to yet another sunny day, which was burning my hair yet again (I was really regretting picking that room with the big window, by the way black hair and sunlight is not a good mix). I must off dozed off when I was thinking I thought to myself. I got up, got ready and headed off to school on the way there I caught up with Aaron (it was very awkward with him liking me cause he didn’t know what to say, quite frankly neither did I, I mean guys don’t usually like me) and we talked (for about 4mins).

We got to our lockers and I thought I should ask him what he thought, “Who do you reckon the burnt message was aimed at and who do you think did it?”
“Jeez its too early in the morning for questions Kaze but I think it was just someone trying to get attention and I don’t think it was aimed at anyone.” He said reassuringly.
“You think.” I said thinking.
“Yes I do, why who do you think it was aimed at and who do you reckon did it?”
I paused.
“Not so easy ayy!”
“It’s not that it’s hard I just find it hard to believe.” I said meaningfully.
“Well who do you reckon?” he said curiously.
“I think it was aimed at me and I don’t know who did it!” I said unsure.
“That’s ridiculous no one has lived in your house for 11 years-“ I cut him off.
“Not that anyone knows of and is there a reason for that?”
“It’s obvious, its way too expensive!!”
“I guess your right, I think I’m just paranoid.”
“Why would you be paranoid?” he said confused.
“No reason.” But I knew there was and so did he. As I walked away I noticed that Kai that strange kid from biology was staring at me and I could tell he was listening to our conversation but what was strange was that he had a strange grin on his face.

As I laid on my bed I dozed off and I had another restless sleep I had the same nightmare but somehow different it went something like this,
It’s dark and I can’t see a thing, I can’t feel anything either well I can but no walls or anything, there is no wind just darkness created by the night and smoke at least I think its smoke I look out the window a faint flickering light maybe a flame way out into the city, all there is is space and silence. But then I hear a chair rocking so I crawl over to the noise, I can feel It, it’s cold, it’s a person, it’s a male, I think it’s my Dad.
And when I woke up another hot and simmering day scorched my hair. I got up (as usual), got ready (as usual) and went to school. This time I wasn’t just going to bump into Aaron cause I really needed to talk to him so I reluctantly walked up to his old brown house (which looked as if it was about to fall down), knocked on the door and a woman with withered dark brown hair tied up in a messy pony-tail appeared.
“Why hello are u here because…” she said curious.
“Oh hey I’m Aaron’s friend Kaze is he here?” I said nervously.
“Course he is I’ll just go get him for you” she said cheerfully.

Aaron appeared his mother obviously didn’t tell him it was me at the door cause he was wearing boxers (and nothing else). He looked at me sleepily, shocked he ran away to get ready as I giggled.
“So why did you turn up on my door step?” he asked.
“Well…I…really needed to talk to you about something but at school people would hear and…it’s not even that important I think but anyways.” I mumbled.
“So talk!”
“Well I’ve had this nightmare twice but it has changed and I wanna know what you think.” I said hurriedly.
“Just tell me!” he said annoyed.
“Well it goes something like this…” I told him the nightmares and the differences and what not.
“It’s nothing its just the occasional nightmare don’t worry about it okay?” he said reassuringly.
“But I cant but ill try not to okay?”
“Fine!” he said bluntly.

Biology yet again I mean don’t get me wrong I like biology just Chelsea and her friends really piss me off, why did they even pick biology all they do is talk and play with there phones. But I sat where I usually sit (where I sat on my first day, you 3 rows back by the window), roll call as usual and then I listened to Sir talk about photosynthesis and other ways of functioning which I was enjoying until a singed note fell on my desk it read,
For a smart girl you ask a lot of questions, so I’ll give you this, get out of that house or else! Oh and another thing stay out of the woods!
So I was right but who was it? It could have been anyone! For the rest of the lesson I kept thinking and thinking and Chelsea just stared at me the whole lesson, tom had a couple of nervous glances at me and everyone else just did the regular things. So who the hell did it?

When I got home I decided id go for a walk in the wood (despite what the note said) to clear my head and think things through. I took the path furthest to the right again (to see if I could find Geoffrey) the path was still quite muddy and it sank beneath my feet leaving a heavy footprint. I continued down it and I got to the point where I first found Geoffrey. I heard the ruffle here and the ruffle there but this didn’t sound like Geoffrey. “Here Geoffrey, do you remember me? Come here Geoffrey.” I said as if he were a dog.
Nothing but I had that strange feeling someone was watching me, I turned-no one or nothing was there apart from the wood. Nervously I quickly walked, I could here footsteps as if they were walking beside me. No they were walking beside me but how. I ran the footsteps became louder. I decided to turn back. Still running but I wasn’t the only one, the footsteps ran past me and up ahead was the entrance. I saw the dude (at least I think it’s a dude) wearing the same red hoodie. I sprinted hoping to see who it was but they vanished into thin air or so it seemed.

Tired I went up to my bedroom laid on my bed and store out the window, smoke was rising out of the wood but I think it was just my eyes playing tricks on me. I dozed off.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chapter 5 Whistling the Wind

As I stepped through the door the smell of apple pie wafted over to me. I walked into the kitchen plonked my bag on the floor and drooled as I store at the pie mmmm… pie.
“Get your face away from that pie it’s for dessert!” her voice startled me.
“Jeez you scared me. But can’t I just have a teeny tiny piece.”
“No!” she said abruptly.
“So did you make any friends?” she asked curiously.
“Yes, one.” I sighed.
“So people were nice to you?”
“No” I said thinking to myself.
“But this one girl was?”
“Girl, who said it was a girl?”
“I just assumed anyway so he was nice to you?” she said looking innocent.
“Obviously.” I said annoyed.
“Good, I’m going up to my room I mean apartment see ya!” I exaggerated.

I reluctantly got to the top of the stairs stumbling and fumbling, tired. When I got to my room I laid on my bed bones aching. I store out the window at the woods I looked back inside it was nice and cool outside and I was hot and bothered but before I could move I fell asleep.

When I woke up it was 9:00pm and I could still smell the sugar glazed apple pie I was actually surprised my Mum made the pie with her Japanese heritage she normally cooks Asian style food except she is not good at making sushi beware the sushi. So I got up got a slice of pie and a couple dollops of ice cream, turned on the miniature TV and watched Miss Marple a repeat though. Then I made myself a hot chocolate with marshmallows watched something and went to bed.

I woke up early (5:30am to be exact. Don’t ask me why) had a shower got dressed and went outside there was a gentle breeze and it told me to command it and I was like what the hey. But I then realised soon after I moved my right hand the wind moved with and it was so cool if only you’d been there. The wind then told me to fight back by learning how to control the wind (fight back what?). So I was out there for a good 2 hours moving the wind and telling it what to do for a change but it did backfire a couple of time, it messed up my hair it was like a cold air hair dryer on full throttle as well as it lifted up my shirt showing my bra to the whole town luckily no one saw. And lots of uncanny, weird and embarrassing happened.

I walked in side wind blown, cold and tired. I plonked on the couch yawned and turned on the TV and made myself a hot chocolate. I decided to go for a walk in the woods (well I didn’t really decide the wind did). I took a step in the wood and the same wave of relief went over me but this time I decided to go the path furthest to the right.

As I was walking down this very muddy path other then the squelching of mud between my toes I heard a ruffle here and a ruffle there I looked around and saw a little, white bunny. It had those cute little eyes and it was nibbling some grass and I wanted to run up squeeze it but then I might frighten it. So I kept walking and besides I wanted to know where this track ended. But when I looked back I found the bunny right behind me, I took another step and it followed me. So I picked it up and carried it to the end of the track and I found a little cubbyhouse/shack but it looked abandoned (I named the bunny Geoffrey) put Geoffrey in there kissed him goodbye and walked off.

Was that shack really abandoned? I mean no one would really make something like that except me because then I could be close to the wind and I’m completely abnormal.
I was walking back and decided that practicing in here was a much better option than embarrassing myself in front of everyone (although I do that quite often anyway) so I practiced it turns out I was right to stay in the forest because I swear if I was out in the open I would not fancy been seen in my undies and bra (although my bra was really cute with matching undies. Sorry if that was a little awkward and you didn’t need to no that but you do know, sucked in!)

I got back to the house it was almost dark with one last glance at the town and surroundings I saw the same guy with the same hoodie sprinting down the hills carrying something. Who the hell is he? What the hell is he doing and why? Anyways for the rest of the weekend I chatted on facebook, took some photos and eat, slept, drank etc.

I woke to find my hair steaming and sunlight splashed across my eyes yet again (I was really regretting picking this room now). I got up reluctantly chucked my school uniform on grabbed my tiny bag and started to walk out the door when Mum said stubbornly, “Eat some breakfast I don’t want you to starve!”
“I’ll be late,” I said reminding her.
“Fine, but eat something.”
“What makes you think I won’t eat anyways?” I said curious. But she already walked off. I went off down the hill and walked to school.

I found Aaron by his locker and I kind of got the feeling he was flirting with me so before it got any worse I rushed off to photography. Where I found it was full of people freakier than me (bravo to them ‘cause that’s really hard to do). I enjoyed taking photos of the school gardens (how proper is this place it has a garden) the bell went for recess and I sat down at a table and Aaron found me and we talked and it wasn’t as awkward as before but I still had the feeling he was flirting with me. “Aaron-“ I was cut off.
“Before you say anything, I didn’t know if you knew but I think I like you, like like you and if you wanted to we could-“
“Sorry I don’t even know yow you really and I’m just not looking for that, maybe later?” I said trying not to break his heart.
“Oh, okay, yeah maybe later.” He said disappointed.
“Got a go catch round?” I said curiously.
“Yeah see ya round, at lunch?’
“When else dumbo?” I said as we walked off laughing.
As the bell rang for the end of the day I heard someone had lite the back of the school on fire and they also burned ‘get out of the house you bitch’. I wonder who that was aimed at?

Friday, June 4, 2010

Chapter 4 To Click Or Not To Click

I awoke to the sun beaming onto to me, my hair was steaming (being black it attracts the suns), it was too sunny and my eyes hurt. I lay there staring up at my roof dazed by the sunlight. I turned to look at my alarm clock it read 7:15am, to early but I had to walk a lot further than last time and buy a uniform (great (if you couldn’t tell that was sarcasm)) so I slowly got up hesitantly went down stairs got a bowl of cornflakes and a hot chocolate (then I did all the things that you usually do in the morning like a normal person… only I’m not a normal person).

I opened the door the smell of grass wafted over in a cool, crisp breeze, it told me to be observant or cautious or to win this battle (What battle?). I walked out onto the hill and down another and down another one and just kept going till I got to a road (oh and if you were wondering the sky was a dreary blue) and crossed I couldn’t see anyone at the time just little grey brick houses (come to think of it most of this town was made out of grey bricks, except for a couple of things including my house) it felt almost dead. I walked over another road and a lot of grass (ooh grass, sarcasm again) till I reached the school big grey building with a main entrance which was surprisingly grey (sarcasm again) I stumbled up the stairs and pushed the door open, walked in.

The floor was a greyey-pinky marble floor, there were dark blue lockers lining the hallways and big, old glass windows at the end of each hallway. I found the office stepped in knocked and an old woman greeted me sat me down and asked me which subjects I would like to choose seen as I am in year 11 I get to pick a whopping 7 subjects (sarcasm yet again). I picked music/guitar, art/sketching, english (mandatory), maths (mandatory), biology, drama, hospitality (like cooking, waitrasing and like hosting), ancient history and photography. I got a timetable and headed off to the kind of canteen more a buffet, they also sold uniforms there (I was drooling they had sushi, stir fry, pancakes etc.). I got dressed in the girls change room which had writing all over it like Bree’s a slut, Helena’s a whore, Tom’s so sexy etc. The uniform was a white buttoned up shirt with a blue tartan tie and matching skirt with a grey jumper or cardi (I got the cardi) with those weird black shoes.

By the time I got dressed the hallways were full of people and gossip, I rummaged through my bag to find my locker key. I found it, it read 447 so I went looking up one hallway down another until I came to a bunch of lockers just inside of a big open glass door leading out to what seemed the like playground/area of grass, plants, fountains seats and tables. It was just beautiful I found my locker shoved most of my stuff in there except for the book I needed for first period shoved that in my tiny bag, I leaned on my locker and waited for first bell. But a guy trying to shove everything in his locker at once and almost failing interrupted my daydreaming. “What are you doing?”
“Excuse me, are you talking to me?” he said as if he didn’t believe it.
“Who else would I be talking to, Jesus?” I said sarcastically.
He laughed, “I guess your not one of the stereotypical girls at this school.”
“I’m not really from this school.”
“ Well as you can see I’m not popular or smothered in friends.”
“First impression is major here, if you want to flush your reputation away keep talking to me.”
I don’t care what other people think, do you?”
“No it just most people do.”
“I don’t know if you can tell but I’m not most people.” I said trying to start a conversation. He laughed. We talked til the bell.

As I was heading off for… biology Aaron (that was the guy from befores name) asked me what I had first I told him biology but he had economics. We went our separate ways, as I walked into the classroom I realised that it was 4 white walls a chalkboard, separate desks and a big desk for the teacher ooh how exiting (sorry I think I like sarcasm) I picked a seat 3 rows back and store out the one window and waited for the teacher. He finally came and he got the role out I decided to look around at everyone as they called there name.
“Emily, yes, Chelsea, yep, Tom, yeah… err…umm I think it’s Kaze?”
“Yes” everyone looked at me.
“Konnichiwa.” Some chick called Chelsea laughed (a bitch).
“Ooh look two Asians is it destined.” she said as she pointed down at the back corner.
When I looked I saw a strange guy with glasses, black hair and was staring down at what ever his hands were doing, he looked as if he were really concentrating and really angry.

As I later learned his name was Kai. In biology we had to cut a piece of frog skin and see how hot it had to get before it started to ferment. And we had to use Bunsen burners and we had to lite it but Kai didn’t seem to have any matches but he still lit his but than again neither did Chelsea or a guy named tom who was majorley crushing on Chelsea.

The bell rang and it was recess so I went to my locker shoved my biology book in and got my photography book out shoved it in my tiny bag and looked for Aaron but he found me. We stood in front of our ockers and looked everywhere else and everybody else, joked, laughed and talked. I pointed out all the people I met. When it finally came to Chelsea I saw her just outside by a fountain pashing and sharing gum with a guy called Kane (apparently they were both the most popular people in the school… no thankyou) Aaron said they controlled the clicks (yah! Sarcasm again). “ So this school has clicks you aren’t all friends and it’s all about how pretty you look and how good a kisser you are?”
“I think you can answer that yourself.”
“So that’s a yes.”
“Yes.” He said certainly
“Great.” I said sarcastically.
“What did you expect.’
“I honestly expected just that.” I said hesitantly.
“But you’re still disappointed.” He said curiously.
“I guess.”

After photography I had english for 75minutes (NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I fell asleep halfway through and woke up at the bell time for lunch. On the way out I had Kane came up to me and asked me my name if I thought he was hot and what shampoo I use (A: Kaze, no and why). He also asked me if I wanted to join his click (his posse of girls) and share the love I rejected the offer. To click or not to click that is the question (corny I know, hey, does anyone have popcorn?) I pick not I’ll be an outsider or is it insider seen as I hang out inside. Hmmmmmmmm.

The day flew by starting with biology, photography than english, drama and last hospitality. Me and Aaron started to walked home together. “Where do you live?” I asked curiously.
“In a small brown house with my mum and older sister. I’m the youngest. What about you?” he asked.
“Up on the hill just…” I was interrupted.
“ In that huge house just in front of the wood! You must be rich!” he exclaimed.
“ Yeah… rich. I’m not rich if anything I’m poor and I’ll swap you I like small and old things.”
“You don’t know how lucky you are no one has lived in that house for 11 years or not that anyone knows.” He said proudly. But I don’t have a clue why.
“See ya.” He said cheerfully.
“See ya.” I sighed.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chapter 3 The Wind In The Woods

I took my first step into the wood as soon as I did this huge wave of relief went over me and suddenly I felt calm and relaxed it was nice, as I kept walking the wood got thicker and the stream seemed to be getting closer (at a very small rate) but the wind finally picked up in here and it didn’t have a message it was just wind. But I had this sudden urge to sing (I’ve always loved music) and I didn’t feel like singing Kelly Clarkson’s ‘already gone’ so I made up my own song (I often did this) it went something like this:
Is this the right way ‘cause I really don’t know,
Is this the way it’s meant to be when I’m all alone,
I don’t know why I’m asking myself these things,
Is it because I’m confused but I’m feeling nothing,
Or is it just me being me.

Why do I toss and turn and look left and right,
Is it just ‘cause I’m lost or trying to fight,
Is there a second chance or a second glance,
Why do I feel alone when I’m surrounded,
I think it’s just because I’m not counted,
But I could be wrong but I could be right,
I just hope I don’t lose sight.
Anyway it’s not the best but oh well, I didn’t realise but I had walked a fair way and was crossing the river, my feet stepped into the river and the water trickled softly over them and it felt so good. It was getting dark and it would take a while so I started to walk back, I felt much better walking back than before it seemed okay in a way but the wind told me not to get to happy something was still going to happen.

As I walked back to the house (I’m not calling home) my feet got smothered in mud and I noticed there was a lot of scrub and bush not to mention trees. As I walked and noticed every thing I heard rapid footsteps and the stumble of someone running. I quickly darted behind a tree and some scrub. A shadow, there I saw it coming towards me. Faster. It looked like a guy, no it was a guy (when I say I guy it means my age give or take a few years) skinny jeans, shirt and a red jumper with its hood up. I was breathing heavily I could see fog coming out of my on mouth I just hope he didn’t see or hear me. No he didn’t but that wasn’t the trouble the trouble was the wind he left behind it was dark and twisted like it had been burnt and tortured (I couldn’t actually see. Could I.). What ever happened it was giving me a headache and making me trip out. As I could almost see the roof of the house (I’m not calling it mine or our) a waft of smoke brushed harshly across my body and the wood. It made me want to throw up as I was choking and coughing and squinting my eyes.

I came out of the wood, surprisingly there was no smoke or fog just a yellow sun setting sky. The house towering over everything, over the town, over the hills, over the wood, over me. It was dead silent the removal truck was gone and every thing looked so good. The sky was a golden sea over the hills the river the wood the town over everything the hills were even glinting gold. I sat down on the rounded edge of the hill. My jeans made the grass squeak and my blue jumper looked more like aqua in the sunlight. I laid down my pony tail was annoying me you know how when you lay down with your hair up and it kind of hurts so I let it out. I laid there still enjoying the golden light and the soft grass. I laid there silently and the wind just flowed over me like a blanket and it told me to start singing so I sung fairytale by Taylor Swift I laid there for must have been an hour because the sky wasn’t golden anymore it was lavender and my mum was yelling my name for god knows what reason. I sat up turned around. She saw me and said,” Come inside I need your help.”
I got up, stumbled and made way up to the house.

For the first time I made my way through the front door. As I walked in I could smell a roast cooking it smelt delicious. “Mum where are you?” I yelled.
She replied with,” In your room.”
I looked all over the house before going up to my room. It was actually a nice house and it did kind of have a cosy feeling but that was only in the kitchen, there was too much room for my liking. As I walked up the stairs to my room I entered this room which I think dad wanted to be a study (I got that impression seens there was bookshelfs and his computer) I felt like I had been here before but that might have been in a dream or me just well being me.

As I was just about to leave the room the image of the boy and his father appeared, the father was sitting in the chair by the computer and the boy wanted to be picked up so his father picked him up it was so joyful almost enough to make me either cry or vomit. Cry because I have never been that happy and vomit because it seemed like some soft sappy movie which I my opinion is enough to make anyone vomit. I blinked again and like last time they were gone were they trying to tell me something because all I got so far is there were or still are happy and they seem to follow me.

So I tried to remember which way my room was and headed that way. It was the smallest room but it was big enough to be a house on it’s own (maybe I’m over exaggerating) as I walked in all I could see was boxes and a low to the ground bed (which I love) and then I saw Mum. She said I had to unpack these boxes or something or rather. So I did and it seemed to take forever but it didn’t really (I don’t have much junk, don’t like shopping, don’t have the money) and I set it up nicely with my computer on the window side so I could look out (the window was like a wall but it didn’t stretch as far as the rest of the wall and it was on the corner and went both ways) and then my bed shoved somewhere I could see through the window and everything else where ever.

As I plonked on to my bed Mum yelled out dinner was ready. So I raced down stairs (I was starving) sat down at the table and the smell of the roast wafted towards me making my tummy rumble. As we ate Mum asked if I had seen anything on my walk I said nothing because I don’t think she would either believe me or worry and not let me outside if I told her what really happened. I ate in an awkward silence and saw Mum and Dads faces gleaming like light bulbs it made me feel kind of bad don’t ask why I just did.

As I watched TV Mum slowly came and joined me as we sat there she said,” school tomorrow I wonder what it will be like maybe beautiful pictures everywhere… maybe old detailed building… maybe-“
“Maybe I’m the one going to school and not you and maybe I don’t care because I’m probably going to hate it anyway.” I snapped.
“Oh.” she said shyly.
“I’m going to bed” I tried to sound polite. I walked upstairs and had a shower and went to bed. I didn’t get a good night sleep but I looked out the window at the woods tired.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Capter 2 Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

The trip was slow but I didn’t mind it was quite picturesque with rolling hills, woods and the grass waving in the wind. But then I saw something strange, they looked like ghosts but it was a boy holding hands and walking with his father but what was even stranger was it seemed familiar but it wasn’t any of my memories (how could it I'm a girl) but then what was it. I blinked and they were gone, this seemed like something out of a movie. The rest of the trip was pretty normal except when we drove through a city and there was a car crash (it just had bad vibes).

We finally arrived at the town it was called Trundle Hills, pretty practical name ‘cause there were wide long hills on one side and on the other side was the village but then again what about the river surrounding the town (I read somewhere that when crossing a river you’re passing through realms. It was quaint, village like but there were tall buildings in the distance. There were two turn offs one to the hills and one to the village we took the one to the hills. After 5km or so there was another turn off, one went straight ahead, the other went to the main hills and then there was a dirt track leading into some more hills but on those hills was a wood. We went down the dirt track I said to Dad unsure,” Are you sure you know where this leads to?”
“Yep, your mum’s got the map.” He said sure.
“Okay, if your sure.” I said worried.

As we headed down the track I realised it was quite beautiful and it stretched for about 38km and then it came to a clearing, actually it was the end of the wood and we were back on a gravel road and then I saw ‘it’, it looked over the entire village and was on a hill. ‘It’ meaning the mansion in front of me. “Mum who lives there?”
“We do!” she said excitedly.
Great we live in a huge house (in case you didn’t know I was been sarcastic) although it wasn’t too bad because it looked old and villagely. It had a magnificent garden full of flowers, fruit trees and shrubs as well as fountains and seats. It has a huge pool, it’s crystal clear and blue.

Mum said we should explore the house before we bring our luggage and so we didn’t have to wait for the removal truck. But something crept me out about this mansion, I don’t know if it’s that I’m not used to it and don’t really like the thought or if it has bad vibes but the wind told me this place wasn’t good (but that could just be that’s what I wanted to hear so I heard it). We went up the stairs that lead to the balcony first because Mum wanted to look at the view. The view was quite magnificent and you could see the river it went through the middle of the woods to the very last building on the other side, also you could see those tall buildings but they were old and looked like buildings not been used. You could also see the high school, grey, old (I know I said old is best but it just wasn’t best even though I haven’t been there yet).

I told Mum that I would explore later and I’d be in the garden if she wanted me. So I made my way to the garden phone in hand and started to dial Melissa’s number. No answer. How stupid of me she’d be in class now but in a couple minutes it’d be the end of school for the day. So as I waited I made my way into the garden and found a spot by a big shady fig tree with wild flowers surrounding and a water feature close by. I dialled her number again and this time she picked up and answered with,” Hi, who is it?”
“It’s me, Kaze,”
“Kaze! Kaze you left me hanging at school. What could have been so important you missed a day off school and don’t tell me your sick because you sound fine to me.”
“ No I’m not sick, we moved quicker than you can blink and-“
She cut in and said anxiously,” Oh my god, where have you moved to? Please tell me you still live about an hour away so I can still see you on weekends and stuff.”
“ Just slow down. I live about six hours away in a place called Trundle Hills.”
“Six hours! When are you moving back! Oh my god who’s gonna be my BFFL now!”
“Yes, six hours. I don’t know and- what I’m still your BFFL.”
“No you’re not, my BFFL’s live close by not six hours away and you just deserted me here! BFFLS don’t do that!
And that was that she just hung up, well that shows how good a friend she was.

But she was right about one thing that the thing I wouldn’t really like and my parents been happy were linked. But instead of thinking what I did wrong I thought about what this school would be like and if it has clicks or if it is like my old school. But then I was interrupted with Mum
saying,” Come up here Kaze, the removals men will be here soon and I don’t want you in their way.”
“ How would I be in their way I’m in the garden,” I yelled.
“Just come up here we need to organise some stuff.”
“ Fine I said as I made my way out of the garden and plonked up the stairs to the balcony. When I reached the balcony I saw Mum standing up against the railing and Dad leaning up against the wall. So I said, sarcastically” What do we need to ‘organise’?”
“ Honey”, Mum said sympathetically,” we just want you to know that we love you and didn’t mean to make you leave our old place but,” she took a breath,” isn’t this place great!”
I really didn’t want to burst her bubble so I lied and
said,” It’s fine and this place is just awesome!” you do not know how much I could of killed myself because of that.
“ That’s great dear I knew- oh the removals are here,” she said and off she went. ” You knew what? Mum what did you know?” I whined but she didn’t answer.
As I went down the stairs the wind picked up, that usually means strange, dangerous unhappy things would happen or something else something the wind didn’t let me know. But I wasn’t going to dawdle on that for very long ‘cause it was going to happen and nothing I can do could change that. So when I saw Dad helping unload the truck and Mum directing them where to put the stuff. And with that Mum told me to pick a room that I’d like and then tell her which room I wanted so I did that I picked the smallest room I could find and it had a view of the woods and the town. After that I told Mum, I was going to explore the area (and when I meant area I meant the woods) I mean it seemed a nice place and it would be probably the nicest and the best place here. On the way (which isn’t a very long way) I bumped into this muscly guy, he didn’t look to old but jesus he was rude and had bad breath and the gum he was chewing looked revolting as it almost fell out. Anyway when I got to the wood there was a crossroad all 3 paths led into the wood but which one to pick. It took me a while and it didn’t help that there was no wind but I chose the one furthest to left. It was dark but not to dark and it looked peaceful enough, I think I could here a stream too. And I’m guessing it’s the one that circles the village. I took my first step in and I felt better already knowing at least there was a haven somewhere.