Thursday, March 4, 2010

Capter 2 Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

The trip was slow but I didn’t mind it was quite picturesque with rolling hills, woods and the grass waving in the wind. But then I saw something strange, they looked like ghosts but it was a boy holding hands and walking with his father but what was even stranger was it seemed familiar but it wasn’t any of my memories (how could it I'm a girl) but then what was it. I blinked and they were gone, this seemed like something out of a movie. The rest of the trip was pretty normal except when we drove through a city and there was a car crash (it just had bad vibes).

We finally arrived at the town it was called Trundle Hills, pretty practical name ‘cause there were wide long hills on one side and on the other side was the village but then again what about the river surrounding the town (I read somewhere that when crossing a river you’re passing through realms. It was quaint, village like but there were tall buildings in the distance. There were two turn offs one to the hills and one to the village we took the one to the hills. After 5km or so there was another turn off, one went straight ahead, the other went to the main hills and then there was a dirt track leading into some more hills but on those hills was a wood. We went down the dirt track I said to Dad unsure,” Are you sure you know where this leads to?”
“Yep, your mum’s got the map.” He said sure.
“Okay, if your sure.” I said worried.

As we headed down the track I realised it was quite beautiful and it stretched for about 38km and then it came to a clearing, actually it was the end of the wood and we were back on a gravel road and then I saw ‘it’, it looked over the entire village and was on a hill. ‘It’ meaning the mansion in front of me. “Mum who lives there?”
“We do!” she said excitedly.
Great we live in a huge house (in case you didn’t know I was been sarcastic) although it wasn’t too bad because it looked old and villagely. It had a magnificent garden full of flowers, fruit trees and shrubs as well as fountains and seats. It has a huge pool, it’s crystal clear and blue.

Mum said we should explore the house before we bring our luggage and so we didn’t have to wait for the removal truck. But something crept me out about this mansion, I don’t know if it’s that I’m not used to it and don’t really like the thought or if it has bad vibes but the wind told me this place wasn’t good (but that could just be that’s what I wanted to hear so I heard it). We went up the stairs that lead to the balcony first because Mum wanted to look at the view. The view was quite magnificent and you could see the river it went through the middle of the woods to the very last building on the other side, also you could see those tall buildings but they were old and looked like buildings not been used. You could also see the high school, grey, old (I know I said old is best but it just wasn’t best even though I haven’t been there yet).

I told Mum that I would explore later and I’d be in the garden if she wanted me. So I made my way to the garden phone in hand and started to dial Melissa’s number. No answer. How stupid of me she’d be in class now but in a couple minutes it’d be the end of school for the day. So as I waited I made my way into the garden and found a spot by a big shady fig tree with wild flowers surrounding and a water feature close by. I dialled her number again and this time she picked up and answered with,” Hi, who is it?”
“It’s me, Kaze,”
“Kaze! Kaze you left me hanging at school. What could have been so important you missed a day off school and don’t tell me your sick because you sound fine to me.”
“ No I’m not sick, we moved quicker than you can blink and-“
She cut in and said anxiously,” Oh my god, where have you moved to? Please tell me you still live about an hour away so I can still see you on weekends and stuff.”
“ Just slow down. I live about six hours away in a place called Trundle Hills.”
“Six hours! When are you moving back! Oh my god who’s gonna be my BFFL now!”
“Yes, six hours. I don’t know and- what I’m still your BFFL.”
“No you’re not, my BFFL’s live close by not six hours away and you just deserted me here! BFFLS don’t do that!
And that was that she just hung up, well that shows how good a friend she was.

But she was right about one thing that the thing I wouldn’t really like and my parents been happy were linked. But instead of thinking what I did wrong I thought about what this school would be like and if it has clicks or if it is like my old school. But then I was interrupted with Mum
saying,” Come up here Kaze, the removals men will be here soon and I don’t want you in their way.”
“ How would I be in their way I’m in the garden,” I yelled.
“Just come up here we need to organise some stuff.”
“ Fine I said as I made my way out of the garden and plonked up the stairs to the balcony. When I reached the balcony I saw Mum standing up against the railing and Dad leaning up against the wall. So I said, sarcastically” What do we need to ‘organise’?”
“ Honey”, Mum said sympathetically,” we just want you to know that we love you and didn’t mean to make you leave our old place but,” she took a breath,” isn’t this place great!”
I really didn’t want to burst her bubble so I lied and
said,” It’s fine and this place is just awesome!” you do not know how much I could of killed myself because of that.
“ That’s great dear I knew- oh the removals are here,” she said and off she went. ” You knew what? Mum what did you know?” I whined but she didn’t answer.
As I went down the stairs the wind picked up, that usually means strange, dangerous unhappy things would happen or something else something the wind didn’t let me know. But I wasn’t going to dawdle on that for very long ‘cause it was going to happen and nothing I can do could change that. So when I saw Dad helping unload the truck and Mum directing them where to put the stuff. And with that Mum told me to pick a room that I’d like and then tell her which room I wanted so I did that I picked the smallest room I could find and it had a view of the woods and the town. After that I told Mum, I was going to explore the area (and when I meant area I meant the woods) I mean it seemed a nice place and it would be probably the nicest and the best place here. On the way (which isn’t a very long way) I bumped into this muscly guy, he didn’t look to old but jesus he was rude and had bad breath and the gum he was chewing looked revolting as it almost fell out. Anyway when I got to the wood there was a crossroad all 3 paths led into the wood but which one to pick. It took me a while and it didn’t help that there was no wind but I chose the one furthest to left. It was dark but not to dark and it looked peaceful enough, I think I could here a stream too. And I’m guessing it’s the one that circles the village. I took my first step in and I felt better already knowing at least there was a haven somewhere.


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