Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chapter 1 Not So Fantastic News

I’m sitting at home waiting for the so called brilliant news that Mum had. Okay, maybe I should start from the beginning, well I’m 17 I live with my Mum and Dad in a perfect house (well not so perfect it’s small, old and dusty but sometimes old is best). I have great friends there is no clicks at school so no popular group or nerds (we live in a rural town). In my opinion I have one of the best lives in the world, but I’m a country girl I hate cities although they can be beautiful. Oh, did I mention that my dream job is to be a crime novelist you know the stuff love, mystery a murder or two, fear, tension and that rush you get when you come to a good bit in a book. I don’t have a boyfriend (thank god for that) or a crush (thank god for that too), boys can get to confusing, difficult and downright stupid. I’m an only child, which really sucks, but everyone wishes they could swap me their brother or sister, I wish I mean you get so lonely and bored but than again I doubt our family could afford another person.

I heard a slam of the door it must be Mum, she rushed in with grocery bags everywhere her hair as neat as you can get it and her brown eyes filled with life. It ‘s the first time I’ve ever see her so exited that she was hyperventilating.
“Jeez, what’s wrong?” I said concerned.
“Nothing is wrong dear something truly amazing happened. What’s that word minicle? Micicle? “
“Miracle” I said as if she was the dumbest person in the world. As soon as I said that her face light up.
“ Yes that’s it, it’s a miracle”
“What’s a bloody miracle?”
“ You’ll find out after Dad gets home,” she said teasingly.
“But Mum,” I said whining.
“No buts.”
“Dad doesn’t get home till seven what am I spoused to do till then.”
“I don’t know play the computer or something, now I’m going to have some tea.” You know when she has her tea that means it no ifs no buts that’s it. So I took her advice and started to go up to my room.

As soon as I got up to my room I plonked on to my bed and started to think where I put the mouse (computer mouse not real mouse), then I remembered I’d taken it downstairs and tried to find some more batteries for it (it’s wireless). So I ran downstairs got the mouse and ran back up the stairs, back to the computer and turned it on. It’s an old computer it takes a while to load. Okay type the password in and wait for it to load again. I decided to go on the Internet and look at my msn, the same just a couple of spams and one new message from my BFFL (best friend for life) Melissa just saying the usual hi you doin’ anything this weekend but she already knows the answer (incase you are incredibly abnormal it was, I don’t know).

After 3 hours mum called me down for dinner and just as I got down, there was Dad stepping inside with his blonde short hair messy, his jacket all worn and his green eyes filled with hope.
He said,” It’s stuffy in here, why don’t you open a couple of windows”
“Did anything interesting happen at work, any exciting news, did Mum call, did she say anything important?” I said curious.
“No,” he replied,” but open the windows and I’ll go talk to your mother.”
So I opened the windows and there was a strange breeze I could tell something strange was going to happen not only strange but also something I wouldn’t like. You know, I’ve always been this way, the wind tells me things, I don’t know if it’s just me but it’s good that way ‘cause I’m always prepared. I then sat down in the lounge chair waiting for something to happen but all I got was Mum telling me that my dinner was getting cold. So I walked into the dinning room/kitchen and sat down at the table while Mum and Dad had ecstatic faces and me looking like I was on another planet, I was fed up with their faces so I yelled at them,
” Someone tell me what’s going on!”
“You will find out soon enough” Mum and Dad said synchronised.
“When will I find out?”
“ When everything’s finalised, say tomorrow morning.”
“Tomorrow morning, seriously mum this isn’t funny.”
“I’m not trying to be funny dear.”
“Arrggghhhh, I’m not hungry! I’ll be in my room!” I said stomping up the stairs.

When I got upstairs I just sat there thinking what it could be. But it was no use the wind was still the same. I had a shower got back on the computer and sent a message to Melissa saying,
Hey Melissa, something’s up and I don’t know what, got any ideas? Mum and Dad are too happy and they won’t tell me what’s going on. See ya tomorrow at school. Bye!
I didn’t realize she was online too, so she emailed me back.
Hey Kaze, what if what ever is wrong and your parents being weirdly happy are linked.
I replied with,
If’ something is wrong why would Mum and Dad be happy.
She answered,
True, but they might think it’s good but you might think it’s bad. Or maybe my theory is wrong. Okay, see ya tomorrow.
I ended it with.
Thanks see ya tomorrow.

So with that I logged off and layed down on my bed. I had a very restless sleep and during that restless sleep I had a nightmare sought of dream it went something like this,
It’s dark and I can’t see a thing, I can’t feel anything either well I can but no walls or anything, there is no wind just darkness, space and silence. But then I hear a chair rocking so I crawl over to the noise, I can feel It, it’s cold, it’s a person, it’s a male, I think it’s my Dad.
And my dream sought of nightmare ended. I opened up my curtains, still dark so I read a book, it really was not a good choice of book to be reading at the middle of the night. You know, it was a scary paranormal one you know, monsters, mysterious disappearance and in the end it’s a person, someone you know. As I said not a good choice, I couldn’t get to sleep that night thinking someone was going to climb through my window.

When Mum woke up it was 5 o’clock (thank god she’s a morning person). I ran downstairs and bugged and bugged her about why she was so happy. She cracked,” Okay, I’ll tell you I got promoted and I’m getting sent to a new office.”
“Mum that’s great, wait new office how far away is it?” I said anxious.
“ Six hours from here.
“Six hours! We’ll have to move. Is it in the city, you know how much I hate cities!
“Don’t worry it’s rural but bigger than here. And guess what we don’t have to pay for the house we will live in, it’s free and the way they described it, it sounds like were in a fairytale.”
“Fairytale! It sounds horrible. Mum I like it here, I grew up here, I have friends here.” I exclaimed.
“You would have to move out of here sooner or later and there are friends everywhere.”
“Mum” I said whining
“ Look sweetie, this is a great opportunity.”
“Yeah, save the lecture” I said annoyed.

I made a coffee and sipped it. “Sorry Mum, when are we moving?” I said sorrily.
“Tomorrow, no school for you today you’ve got to pack.”
“Okay” my life was in slomo for the rest of the day.
The next morning I put my suitcase in the car and started to wave to the house as we started to leave. My life was still in slomo. The wind was telling me not to leave that bad was still to happen.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This book is something I came up with off the top of my head so I hope you like it. Here is a blurb type thing:

Kaze a seventeen year old girl who hates cities probably because there noisey and down right ugly or it's because she has a special connection with something or someone.
Her ordinary life is ordinary but it will be turned upside down,inside out, squeezed, stretched and crumpled, and it's not just her life that gets crumpled.
Fighting, listening, guys, friends, family, school is all just one big ball of messed up things in Kaze's life but that's only the begining.
Look left, look right but don't take your eyes and ears off the game because when you turn the corner the games just begin.