Friday, September 3, 2010

Chapter 6 Footsteps in the Forest

When I got home I just plonked myself on the couch and laid there for about half an hour until I got hungry and then I munched on some chips. Just before I went to sleep that image of the writing burned into the back of the school, I seriously wonder who that was aimed at? It could be aimed at anyone even me. I mean I did just move here and I don’t think this happens on a regular basis but Aaron said no one has lived in this house for 11 years, that anyone knows of at least. But what psycho would do that and how? The burn marks were up high and on brick and they were perfectly placed and written, how? Is there someone like me but with fire or am I just going crazy or delirious with lack of sleep? I don’t know but whoever it was and whoever it was aimed at sure got me going.

I woke to yet another sunny day, which was burning my hair yet again (I was really regretting picking that room with the big window, by the way black hair and sunlight is not a good mix). I must off dozed off when I was thinking I thought to myself. I got up, got ready and headed off to school on the way there I caught up with Aaron (it was very awkward with him liking me cause he didn’t know what to say, quite frankly neither did I, I mean guys don’t usually like me) and we talked (for about 4mins).

We got to our lockers and I thought I should ask him what he thought, “Who do you reckon the burnt message was aimed at and who do you think did it?”
“Jeez its too early in the morning for questions Kaze but I think it was just someone trying to get attention and I don’t think it was aimed at anyone.” He said reassuringly.
“You think.” I said thinking.
“Yes I do, why who do you think it was aimed at and who do you reckon did it?”
I paused.
“Not so easy ayy!”
“It’s not that it’s hard I just find it hard to believe.” I said meaningfully.
“Well who do you reckon?” he said curiously.
“I think it was aimed at me and I don’t know who did it!” I said unsure.
“That’s ridiculous no one has lived in your house for 11 years-“ I cut him off.
“Not that anyone knows of and is there a reason for that?”
“It’s obvious, its way too expensive!!”
“I guess your right, I think I’m just paranoid.”
“Why would you be paranoid?” he said confused.
“No reason.” But I knew there was and so did he. As I walked away I noticed that Kai that strange kid from biology was staring at me and I could tell he was listening to our conversation but what was strange was that he had a strange grin on his face.

As I laid on my bed I dozed off and I had another restless sleep I had the same nightmare but somehow different it went something like this,
It’s dark and I can’t see a thing, I can’t feel anything either well I can but no walls or anything, there is no wind just darkness created by the night and smoke at least I think its smoke I look out the window a faint flickering light maybe a flame way out into the city, all there is is space and silence. But then I hear a chair rocking so I crawl over to the noise, I can feel It, it’s cold, it’s a person, it’s a male, I think it’s my Dad.
And when I woke up another hot and simmering day scorched my hair. I got up (as usual), got ready (as usual) and went to school. This time I wasn’t just going to bump into Aaron cause I really needed to talk to him so I reluctantly walked up to his old brown house (which looked as if it was about to fall down), knocked on the door and a woman with withered dark brown hair tied up in a messy pony-tail appeared.
“Why hello are u here because…” she said curious.
“Oh hey I’m Aaron’s friend Kaze is he here?” I said nervously.
“Course he is I’ll just go get him for you” she said cheerfully.

Aaron appeared his mother obviously didn’t tell him it was me at the door cause he was wearing boxers (and nothing else). He looked at me sleepily, shocked he ran away to get ready as I giggled.
“So why did you turn up on my door step?” he asked.
“Well…I…really needed to talk to you about something but at school people would hear and…it’s not even that important I think but anyways.” I mumbled.
“So talk!”
“Well I’ve had this nightmare twice but it has changed and I wanna know what you think.” I said hurriedly.
“Just tell me!” he said annoyed.
“Well it goes something like this…” I told him the nightmares and the differences and what not.
“It’s nothing its just the occasional nightmare don’t worry about it okay?” he said reassuringly.
“But I cant but ill try not to okay?”
“Fine!” he said bluntly.

Biology yet again I mean don’t get me wrong I like biology just Chelsea and her friends really piss me off, why did they even pick biology all they do is talk and play with there phones. But I sat where I usually sit (where I sat on my first day, you 3 rows back by the window), roll call as usual and then I listened to Sir talk about photosynthesis and other ways of functioning which I was enjoying until a singed note fell on my desk it read,
For a smart girl you ask a lot of questions, so I’ll give you this, get out of that house or else! Oh and another thing stay out of the woods!
So I was right but who was it? It could have been anyone! For the rest of the lesson I kept thinking and thinking and Chelsea just stared at me the whole lesson, tom had a couple of nervous glances at me and everyone else just did the regular things. So who the hell did it?

When I got home I decided id go for a walk in the wood (despite what the note said) to clear my head and think things through. I took the path furthest to the right again (to see if I could find Geoffrey) the path was still quite muddy and it sank beneath my feet leaving a heavy footprint. I continued down it and I got to the point where I first found Geoffrey. I heard the ruffle here and the ruffle there but this didn’t sound like Geoffrey. “Here Geoffrey, do you remember me? Come here Geoffrey.” I said as if he were a dog.
Nothing but I had that strange feeling someone was watching me, I turned-no one or nothing was there apart from the wood. Nervously I quickly walked, I could here footsteps as if they were walking beside me. No they were walking beside me but how. I ran the footsteps became louder. I decided to turn back. Still running but I wasn’t the only one, the footsteps ran past me and up ahead was the entrance. I saw the dude (at least I think it’s a dude) wearing the same red hoodie. I sprinted hoping to see who it was but they vanished into thin air or so it seemed.

Tired I went up to my bedroom laid on my bed and store out the window, smoke was rising out of the wood but I think it was just my eyes playing tricks on me. I dozed off.