Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chapter 5 Whistling the Wind

As I stepped through the door the smell of apple pie wafted over to me. I walked into the kitchen plonked my bag on the floor and drooled as I store at the pie mmmm… pie.
“Get your face away from that pie it’s for dessert!” her voice startled me.
“Jeez you scared me. But can’t I just have a teeny tiny piece.”
“No!” she said abruptly.
“So did you make any friends?” she asked curiously.
“Yes, one.” I sighed.
“So people were nice to you?”
“No” I said thinking to myself.
“But this one girl was?”
“Girl, who said it was a girl?”
“I just assumed anyway so he was nice to you?” she said looking innocent.
“Obviously.” I said annoyed.
“Good, I’m going up to my room I mean apartment see ya!” I exaggerated.

I reluctantly got to the top of the stairs stumbling and fumbling, tired. When I got to my room I laid on my bed bones aching. I store out the window at the woods I looked back inside it was nice and cool outside and I was hot and bothered but before I could move I fell asleep.

When I woke up it was 9:00pm and I could still smell the sugar glazed apple pie I was actually surprised my Mum made the pie with her Japanese heritage she normally cooks Asian style food except she is not good at making sushi beware the sushi. So I got up got a slice of pie and a couple dollops of ice cream, turned on the miniature TV and watched Miss Marple a repeat though. Then I made myself a hot chocolate with marshmallows watched something and went to bed.

I woke up early (5:30am to be exact. Don’t ask me why) had a shower got dressed and went outside there was a gentle breeze and it told me to command it and I was like what the hey. But I then realised soon after I moved my right hand the wind moved with and it was so cool if only you’d been there. The wind then told me to fight back by learning how to control the wind (fight back what?). So I was out there for a good 2 hours moving the wind and telling it what to do for a change but it did backfire a couple of time, it messed up my hair it was like a cold air hair dryer on full throttle as well as it lifted up my shirt showing my bra to the whole town luckily no one saw. And lots of uncanny, weird and embarrassing happened.

I walked in side wind blown, cold and tired. I plonked on the couch yawned and turned on the TV and made myself a hot chocolate. I decided to go for a walk in the woods (well I didn’t really decide the wind did). I took a step in the wood and the same wave of relief went over me but this time I decided to go the path furthest to the right.

As I was walking down this very muddy path other then the squelching of mud between my toes I heard a ruffle here and a ruffle there I looked around and saw a little, white bunny. It had those cute little eyes and it was nibbling some grass and I wanted to run up squeeze it but then I might frighten it. So I kept walking and besides I wanted to know where this track ended. But when I looked back I found the bunny right behind me, I took another step and it followed me. So I picked it up and carried it to the end of the track and I found a little cubbyhouse/shack but it looked abandoned (I named the bunny Geoffrey) put Geoffrey in there kissed him goodbye and walked off.

Was that shack really abandoned? I mean no one would really make something like that except me because then I could be close to the wind and I’m completely abnormal.
I was walking back and decided that practicing in here was a much better option than embarrassing myself in front of everyone (although I do that quite often anyway) so I practiced it turns out I was right to stay in the forest because I swear if I was out in the open I would not fancy been seen in my undies and bra (although my bra was really cute with matching undies. Sorry if that was a little awkward and you didn’t need to no that but you do know, sucked in!)

I got back to the house it was almost dark with one last glance at the town and surroundings I saw the same guy with the same hoodie sprinting down the hills carrying something. Who the hell is he? What the hell is he doing and why? Anyways for the rest of the weekend I chatted on facebook, took some photos and eat, slept, drank etc.

I woke to find my hair steaming and sunlight splashed across my eyes yet again (I was really regretting picking this room now). I got up reluctantly chucked my school uniform on grabbed my tiny bag and started to walk out the door when Mum said stubbornly, “Eat some breakfast I don’t want you to starve!”
“I’ll be late,” I said reminding her.
“Fine, but eat something.”
“What makes you think I won’t eat anyways?” I said curious. But she already walked off. I went off down the hill and walked to school.

I found Aaron by his locker and I kind of got the feeling he was flirting with me so before it got any worse I rushed off to photography. Where I found it was full of people freakier than me (bravo to them ‘cause that’s really hard to do). I enjoyed taking photos of the school gardens (how proper is this place it has a garden) the bell went for recess and I sat down at a table and Aaron found me and we talked and it wasn’t as awkward as before but I still had the feeling he was flirting with me. “Aaron-“ I was cut off.
“Before you say anything, I didn’t know if you knew but I think I like you, like like you and if you wanted to we could-“
“Sorry I don’t even know yow you really and I’m just not looking for that, maybe later?” I said trying not to break his heart.
“Oh, okay, yeah maybe later.” He said disappointed.
“Got a go catch round?” I said curiously.
“Yeah see ya round, at lunch?’
“When else dumbo?” I said as we walked off laughing.
As the bell rang for the end of the day I heard someone had lite the back of the school on fire and they also burned ‘get out of the house you bitch’. I wonder who that was aimed at?