Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chapter 3 The Wind In The Woods

I took my first step into the wood as soon as I did this huge wave of relief went over me and suddenly I felt calm and relaxed it was nice, as I kept walking the wood got thicker and the stream seemed to be getting closer (at a very small rate) but the wind finally picked up in here and it didn’t have a message it was just wind. But I had this sudden urge to sing (I’ve always loved music) and I didn’t feel like singing Kelly Clarkson’s ‘already gone’ so I made up my own song (I often did this) it went something like this:
Is this the right way ‘cause I really don’t know,
Is this the way it’s meant to be when I’m all alone,
I don’t know why I’m asking myself these things,
Is it because I’m confused but I’m feeling nothing,
Or is it just me being me.

Why do I toss and turn and look left and right,
Is it just ‘cause I’m lost or trying to fight,
Is there a second chance or a second glance,
Why do I feel alone when I’m surrounded,
I think it’s just because I’m not counted,
But I could be wrong but I could be right,
I just hope I don’t lose sight.
Anyway it’s not the best but oh well, I didn’t realise but I had walked a fair way and was crossing the river, my feet stepped into the river and the water trickled softly over them and it felt so good. It was getting dark and it would take a while so I started to walk back, I felt much better walking back than before it seemed okay in a way but the wind told me not to get to happy something was still going to happen.

As I walked back to the house (I’m not calling home) my feet got smothered in mud and I noticed there was a lot of scrub and bush not to mention trees. As I walked and noticed every thing I heard rapid footsteps and the stumble of someone running. I quickly darted behind a tree and some scrub. A shadow, there I saw it coming towards me. Faster. It looked like a guy, no it was a guy (when I say I guy it means my age give or take a few years) skinny jeans, shirt and a red jumper with its hood up. I was breathing heavily I could see fog coming out of my on mouth I just hope he didn’t see or hear me. No he didn’t but that wasn’t the trouble the trouble was the wind he left behind it was dark and twisted like it had been burnt and tortured (I couldn’t actually see. Could I.). What ever happened it was giving me a headache and making me trip out. As I could almost see the roof of the house (I’m not calling it mine or our) a waft of smoke brushed harshly across my body and the wood. It made me want to throw up as I was choking and coughing and squinting my eyes.

I came out of the wood, surprisingly there was no smoke or fog just a yellow sun setting sky. The house towering over everything, over the town, over the hills, over the wood, over me. It was dead silent the removal truck was gone and every thing looked so good. The sky was a golden sea over the hills the river the wood the town over everything the hills were even glinting gold. I sat down on the rounded edge of the hill. My jeans made the grass squeak and my blue jumper looked more like aqua in the sunlight. I laid down my pony tail was annoying me you know how when you lay down with your hair up and it kind of hurts so I let it out. I laid there still enjoying the golden light and the soft grass. I laid there silently and the wind just flowed over me like a blanket and it told me to start singing so I sung fairytale by Taylor Swift I laid there for must have been an hour because the sky wasn’t golden anymore it was lavender and my mum was yelling my name for god knows what reason. I sat up turned around. She saw me and said,” Come inside I need your help.”
I got up, stumbled and made way up to the house.

For the first time I made my way through the front door. As I walked in I could smell a roast cooking it smelt delicious. “Mum where are you?” I yelled.
She replied with,” In your room.”
I looked all over the house before going up to my room. It was actually a nice house and it did kind of have a cosy feeling but that was only in the kitchen, there was too much room for my liking. As I walked up the stairs to my room I entered this room which I think dad wanted to be a study (I got that impression seens there was bookshelfs and his computer) I felt like I had been here before but that might have been in a dream or me just well being me.

As I was just about to leave the room the image of the boy and his father appeared, the father was sitting in the chair by the computer and the boy wanted to be picked up so his father picked him up it was so joyful almost enough to make me either cry or vomit. Cry because I have never been that happy and vomit because it seemed like some soft sappy movie which I my opinion is enough to make anyone vomit. I blinked again and like last time they were gone were they trying to tell me something because all I got so far is there were or still are happy and they seem to follow me.

So I tried to remember which way my room was and headed that way. It was the smallest room but it was big enough to be a house on it’s own (maybe I’m over exaggerating) as I walked in all I could see was boxes and a low to the ground bed (which I love) and then I saw Mum. She said I had to unpack these boxes or something or rather. So I did and it seemed to take forever but it didn’t really (I don’t have much junk, don’t like shopping, don’t have the money) and I set it up nicely with my computer on the window side so I could look out (the window was like a wall but it didn’t stretch as far as the rest of the wall and it was on the corner and went both ways) and then my bed shoved somewhere I could see through the window and everything else where ever.

As I plonked on to my bed Mum yelled out dinner was ready. So I raced down stairs (I was starving) sat down at the table and the smell of the roast wafted towards me making my tummy rumble. As we ate Mum asked if I had seen anything on my walk I said nothing because I don’t think she would either believe me or worry and not let me outside if I told her what really happened. I ate in an awkward silence and saw Mum and Dads faces gleaming like light bulbs it made me feel kind of bad don’t ask why I just did.

As I watched TV Mum slowly came and joined me as we sat there she said,” school tomorrow I wonder what it will be like maybe beautiful pictures everywhere… maybe old detailed building… maybe-“
“Maybe I’m the one going to school and not you and maybe I don’t care because I’m probably going to hate it anyway.” I snapped.
“Oh.” she said shyly.
“I’m going to bed” I tried to sound polite. I walked upstairs and had a shower and went to bed. I didn’t get a good night sleep but I looked out the window at the woods tired.


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