Friday, June 4, 2010

Chapter 4 To Click Or Not To Click

I awoke to the sun beaming onto to me, my hair was steaming (being black it attracts the suns), it was too sunny and my eyes hurt. I lay there staring up at my roof dazed by the sunlight. I turned to look at my alarm clock it read 7:15am, to early but I had to walk a lot further than last time and buy a uniform (great (if you couldn’t tell that was sarcasm)) so I slowly got up hesitantly went down stairs got a bowl of cornflakes and a hot chocolate (then I did all the things that you usually do in the morning like a normal person… only I’m not a normal person).

I opened the door the smell of grass wafted over in a cool, crisp breeze, it told me to be observant or cautious or to win this battle (What battle?). I walked out onto the hill and down another and down another one and just kept going till I got to a road (oh and if you were wondering the sky was a dreary blue) and crossed I couldn’t see anyone at the time just little grey brick houses (come to think of it most of this town was made out of grey bricks, except for a couple of things including my house) it felt almost dead. I walked over another road and a lot of grass (ooh grass, sarcasm again) till I reached the school big grey building with a main entrance which was surprisingly grey (sarcasm again) I stumbled up the stairs and pushed the door open, walked in.

The floor was a greyey-pinky marble floor, there were dark blue lockers lining the hallways and big, old glass windows at the end of each hallway. I found the office stepped in knocked and an old woman greeted me sat me down and asked me which subjects I would like to choose seen as I am in year 11 I get to pick a whopping 7 subjects (sarcasm yet again). I picked music/guitar, art/sketching, english (mandatory), maths (mandatory), biology, drama, hospitality (like cooking, waitrasing and like hosting), ancient history and photography. I got a timetable and headed off to the kind of canteen more a buffet, they also sold uniforms there (I was drooling they had sushi, stir fry, pancakes etc.). I got dressed in the girls change room which had writing all over it like Bree’s a slut, Helena’s a whore, Tom’s so sexy etc. The uniform was a white buttoned up shirt with a blue tartan tie and matching skirt with a grey jumper or cardi (I got the cardi) with those weird black shoes.

By the time I got dressed the hallways were full of people and gossip, I rummaged through my bag to find my locker key. I found it, it read 447 so I went looking up one hallway down another until I came to a bunch of lockers just inside of a big open glass door leading out to what seemed the like playground/area of grass, plants, fountains seats and tables. It was just beautiful I found my locker shoved most of my stuff in there except for the book I needed for first period shoved that in my tiny bag, I leaned on my locker and waited for first bell. But a guy trying to shove everything in his locker at once and almost failing interrupted my daydreaming. “What are you doing?”
“Excuse me, are you talking to me?” he said as if he didn’t believe it.
“Who else would I be talking to, Jesus?” I said sarcastically.
He laughed, “I guess your not one of the stereotypical girls at this school.”
“I’m not really from this school.”
“ Well as you can see I’m not popular or smothered in friends.”
“First impression is major here, if you want to flush your reputation away keep talking to me.”
I don’t care what other people think, do you?”
“No it just most people do.”
“I don’t know if you can tell but I’m not most people.” I said trying to start a conversation. He laughed. We talked til the bell.

As I was heading off for… biology Aaron (that was the guy from befores name) asked me what I had first I told him biology but he had economics. We went our separate ways, as I walked into the classroom I realised that it was 4 white walls a chalkboard, separate desks and a big desk for the teacher ooh how exiting (sorry I think I like sarcasm) I picked a seat 3 rows back and store out the one window and waited for the teacher. He finally came and he got the role out I decided to look around at everyone as they called there name.
“Emily, yes, Chelsea, yep, Tom, yeah… err…umm I think it’s Kaze?”
“Yes” everyone looked at me.
“Konnichiwa.” Some chick called Chelsea laughed (a bitch).
“Ooh look two Asians is it destined.” she said as she pointed down at the back corner.
When I looked I saw a strange guy with glasses, black hair and was staring down at what ever his hands were doing, he looked as if he were really concentrating and really angry.

As I later learned his name was Kai. In biology we had to cut a piece of frog skin and see how hot it had to get before it started to ferment. And we had to use Bunsen burners and we had to lite it but Kai didn’t seem to have any matches but he still lit his but than again neither did Chelsea or a guy named tom who was majorley crushing on Chelsea.

The bell rang and it was recess so I went to my locker shoved my biology book in and got my photography book out shoved it in my tiny bag and looked for Aaron but he found me. We stood in front of our ockers and looked everywhere else and everybody else, joked, laughed and talked. I pointed out all the people I met. When it finally came to Chelsea I saw her just outside by a fountain pashing and sharing gum with a guy called Kane (apparently they were both the most popular people in the school… no thankyou) Aaron said they controlled the clicks (yah! Sarcasm again). “ So this school has clicks you aren’t all friends and it’s all about how pretty you look and how good a kisser you are?”
“I think you can answer that yourself.”
“So that’s a yes.”
“Yes.” He said certainly
“Great.” I said sarcastically.
“What did you expect.’
“I honestly expected just that.” I said hesitantly.
“But you’re still disappointed.” He said curiously.
“I guess.”

After photography I had english for 75minutes (NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I fell asleep halfway through and woke up at the bell time for lunch. On the way out I had Kane came up to me and asked me my name if I thought he was hot and what shampoo I use (A: Kaze, no and why). He also asked me if I wanted to join his click (his posse of girls) and share the love I rejected the offer. To click or not to click that is the question (corny I know, hey, does anyone have popcorn?) I pick not I’ll be an outsider or is it insider seen as I hang out inside. Hmmmmmmmm.

The day flew by starting with biology, photography than english, drama and last hospitality. Me and Aaron started to walked home together. “Where do you live?” I asked curiously.
“In a small brown house with my mum and older sister. I’m the youngest. What about you?” he asked.
“Up on the hill just…” I was interrupted.
“ In that huge house just in front of the wood! You must be rich!” he exclaimed.
“ Yeah… rich. I’m not rich if anything I’m poor and I’ll swap you I like small and old things.”
“You don’t know how lucky you are no one has lived in that house for 11 years or not that anyone knows.” He said proudly. But I don’t have a clue why.
“See ya.” He said cheerfully.
“See ya.” I sighed.


Jane said...

I want to know how do you picture some of the characters?Enjoy! :D

Jane said...

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1)My dogs there soooooooo cute!
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5)The bush (no i don't do drugs)
6)Emerald Beach (where i live)
7)Last but not least music

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Hannah said...

This is usually exactly what happens. When you go to a new school people always put you into sterotypes and crap.

(oh, and thanks for the award!

βe said...

Oooh, I like this girl now (because she's asian) lol.

Ulani was trying to get me to go out with a 7th grader before because we are both vietnamese. It pisses me off.


Moon Beam said...

haha, I really loving your writing style. This story is great:D

Jane said...

Great to know you all love it and i'll soon get started on the 5th chapter.


βe said...

Sure! I was going to go with my mum but I can skip that (so she doesn't have to pay too much and because I dont want to have to watch it twice). It would be so much fun. I'll call you to see when I can cum

P.S, I hope your voice box infection is better!! (daniela told me)

Jane said...

Thanxz Be and yes my infection on my voice box is better i can finally talk. lets all have a party! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi there fellow blogger. I'm just saying 'hi' and that I've given you an award. It's on my blog waiting.


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Hannah tagged me with the Gorgeous blogger award and i have to tell you 7 facts about me and nominate 7 people to tag.

7 facts about me (i don't think i know 7 facts about myself oh well):

1.My favourite colour is yellow.

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3.i have a gay brother who makes everything around him gay (he's not literally gay).

4.i can sing.

5.I'd like to be a (unlikely these things will never happen) singer/songwriter, actor or fashion designer.

6.People don't seem to warm to me and i have no idea why.

7.i cry alot.

Jane said...

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βe said...

Hmm, maybe we should tie Maddy to a chair and tell her she has to write her parts otherwise Bubbles will die?

(I can do that)

βe said...

hey you know how you were telling me about Rambler Girls stealing posts? Found out they stole some of mine AND my sister's. sheesh. . .

The Karen Chronicles said...

Jane -
I'm thrilled and excited for you for starting this blog. I'm sure you'll find it to be very rewarding, as I have with my own blog. I look forward to catching up - I'm your newest follower. :)
The Karen Chronicles