Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chapter 8 What Ever Happened to a Birthday Wish?

As I was coming out of my dreamless sleep I heard voices, singing? “Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, ha-py birth-day to you, happy birthday to you!!!! Oh god I’d totally forgot about my birthday (never was much for them, I mean who wants to celebrate getting old???), as my eyes fully opened I saw mum and Dad’s ecstatic faces, they were holding parcels wrapped in Christmas wrapping, jesus it’s my birthday not Christmas, “Thanks Mum, thanks Dad” I said sleepily.
“Well which one do you want to open first?” she asked inquisitively.
“That one,” I pointed to a box shaped one, “ohh thankyou!” I said as I opened it (I knew it was chocolate which was alright with me). The rest of the morning was much the same, I stepped outside to the cold crisp morning ready for school (the good thing about moving schools was that no one knew your birthday).

As I waited outside of Aaron’s house for a good 5 minutes before he finally emerged holding a pink box in his hand tied with a purple ribbon. “Who’s that for?” I asked teasingly.
“You,” I stared at him with my eyebrows raised. “Well being your birthday and all I thought you might want a present.” He said innocently.
“Oh, wait how’d you know it was my birthday I never told you???” I asked.
“Well, your Mum told my Mum yesterday at the book club meeting my Mum runs it you see.”
“Oh, well, er… thanks but next time don’t bother okay?”
“Okay, please open it.” He said quietly. I carefully untied the ribbon then lifted the box’s lid to find there was a bronze leaf necklace gleaming at me. “Oh it’s beautiful thankyou! Maybe next year you can give me something after all!” I said giggling. Before we took off I gave him a hug and put the necklace round my neck. “Thankyou.” I said again.

I got to school and thank god no one else knew about my birthday, you know on my birthday I never feel much older I mean 17 is pretty old but I still feel like I’m 16. Great biology 1st yay (sarcasm) but I could finally ask Kai why he abandoned me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I stepped in the room I looked around for Kai but he was nowhere to be seen, as it was a Monday I presumed he had had a long weekend (well not really), I know, he caught a cold yesterday and it got really bad (well doubt it cause I don’t have a cold so why would he?)

I got out of biology to see Chelsea and her “gang” of friends swanning around Kane and all of a sudden she turned her head to me. “Great…” I whispered as she came towards me.
“So Kaze a little birdie told me you and Kai were in the bushes yesterday together, I wonder what you were doin?” she raised her eyebrow, “Nice 17th Birthday present of him wasn’t it?”
“2 questions, well actually 1 question but anyway, first I was not in the bushes with Kai! And second who told you it was my birthday?” I said annoyed.
“Your mother told me it was your birthday and well Aaron told me the rest!” she said smiling.
“Aaron wouldn’t tell you anything.” I said calmly.
“Well I offered him a kiss if he did and well you get the picture.” As she said this I felt like vomiting.
“Whose birthday?” Kane said barging in.
“Kaze’s,” she said as if she knew everything.
“Well, I better give her the usual birthday present of mine!” but before I could ask what it was I found out. It was a kiss and let me tell you his mouth mast harbour a miniature ocean for how much spit he has!
I pulled away quickly, “Ah thanks but no thanks!” I said seriously. I walked away as quick as I could without turning back but I could still feel Chelsea’s cold hard stare burning in the back of my neck. I looked nervously for Kai, I found him, “You told Chelsea everything just for a kiss!” I yelled.
“Well-“ he whispered but was interjected by me.
“ Oh never mind! But Kane just gave me a revolting birthday “present”! A kiss!” I said disgusted.
“Yeah he’s well known for that.” He said matter of factly.
“Well no one told me about it!” I said furious.

The rest of the day was ordinary and good. And after Kai’s little telling I decided to walk home alone which was relaxing and peaceful. As I stepped into the door I could smell mango! I walked into the kitchen to see mum with a big juicy mango beside her. “You can only have it if you told me what happened at school today.” Who did she think I was a parrot!
“Fine but bribery is against the law!” I said eyeing off the mango.
“Well I got this necklace, had boring subjects, I got kissed and I found out my friend is weak. Can I have the mango now?” I said innocently.
“You got kissed!”
“Mum that’s not the point, can I have the mango?”
“By who?” she said excitedly.
“Mum apparently it’s a tradition so nothings gonna come out of it okay?”
“Fine here's the mango.” She said disappointedly.

I went to my bedroom while sucking on the mango and decided I’d have a swim in the pool seen as it was hot and sunny. I got in and the water was warm and smooth like a velvet blanket caressing my skin. I tried doing some tricks like I did when I was little but it didn’t work out. I thought maybe this place wasn’t so bad (I mean the house nothing else) if a little big. I spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool.


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Yay! You take too long to write your chapters!! That was a really weird birthday present from that Kane guy, haha, I would have probably kicked him in the guts.
Kaze is crazy not to want birthday presents - they're like the best thing although I hate it when people know it's my birthday (as you know because you like to scream it >:(

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This is really good, I read your other chapters too to get the grasp of what's going on. Cant' wait for the next installment!