Saturday, November 27, 2010

Chapter 7 Rain, Rain Go Away

For the 1st time since I moved here I woke up to rain, beautiful rain. The droplets softly landed on the window and trickled down. I’ve been up for a while just checking my facebook etc. and over time the rain has just gotten heavier and heavier, but still landing softly and trickling down, as I look out the window again I just had the sudden urge to go for a walk in the woods (even though the weather wasn’t at its best) and I guess seen as Dad was working and Mum was making ‘friends’ in this ‘nice’ town, it would be a good idea.

I grabbed my black hoodie and put my jeans on and walked out the back door (it is really more like a side door but oh well), walked past the over flowing pool and headed towards the wet and wonderful woods. As I got to them the rain turned into more of a lite sprinkle (no not the edible ones) then anything else. I got to the crossroad of the three paths again, I decided just to go straight ahead again.

As I went further into the woods the ground (which was not the dry dirt it had been yesterday) was all soft and squelchy, and if you stood there for long enough you started to sink. Somehow the rain managed to get through the thick, green, leafy trees but it still was like a lite shower, and every step I took more and more water crept into my black converses, and my hoodie was now saturated and my jeans had a small layer of mud crusting over them. The rain seemed to be getting heavier and fast.

I hadn’t realised but I had walked further then I ever had before and the path was thinning out and becoming over grown and I didn’t know what to do, so (like an idiot) I kept walking. After a while I saw a big patch of mud up ahead and I thought it was the path starting up again. Well I was kind of right… the path did start up again but… there was more then one path, heck there was more like eight. I went round in a circle trying to see where the paths lead but they all looked the same, and then I tried to find the one a came from but I couldn’t tell. I don’t know why but I just stood there staring off into the distance trying to see something, and then a tear rolled down my eye, then another and soon enough a was quietly sobbing, I mean I’m not someone who cries a lot but I just couldn’t help it.

I forgot all about what I said before and I realised I was sinking, I just jumped up still sobbing and tried to get out but I just couldn’t. Next thing I knew I was up to my waist in this sinking mud yelling, “Someone, anyone HELP, please help.” I started really crying know and the rain was what weather people called torrential. But yelling was no use no one would be out here, no one could here me, no one could save me because there was no one. While sobbing rather loudly I hadn’t noticed these dark brown almost black eyes staring at me, I lifted my head and saw a hand, “Well are you going to take it or not! I don’t have all day!” he said frustrated. I grabbed it (still sobbing) and he pulled me out. It was then I realised who he was, he was that guy in my biology class…Kai! “Thanks, Kai I-“ but he was already down a path running. “Where are you going?! Don’t leave me! Please come back!” I wailed. But he didn’t come back he just kept running till I couldn’t see him anymore.

I started panickly (I don’t care if that’s not a word) running after him, more like stumbling. The ground wasn’t the easiest to run on with the mud and the water making it extra slippery, not to mention the occasional rock or tree root. Still running after him I looked around and now knew where I was (but me being me I had to trip over on a root), but even though I knew where I was I knew I still had a fair way to go. So I just laid there crying, wishing he’d come back, but all I got was the rain pelting my back. So I got up meekly and kept running even though I knew I didn’t have any energy left in me. But I just kept powering on, till I got out, the rain was unbearable out here.

With every bone and muscle aching I sprinted inside, I checked the house mum still want home and neither was dad. I quickly checked the time 2:00, mum must still be making new ‘friends’ in this ‘nice’ town. I decided before she got home and saw me like this, muds stained, saturated and tear stricken I should go have a shower and get changed into my pj’s. The shower was so nice, hot steamy and relaxing, I must have been in there for ages so I turned it off and got changed. My pj’s felt so nice and comfy, loose fitting, not crusty with mud or saturated, but nice and warm and cosy. I checked the time 2:30. I decided to make my self a hot chocolate and take it up to my bed and read. So I did, the hot chocolate was delicious with really nice fresh creamy milk, and it was hot and steamy. My bed felt so soft and warm that I could lie there for days. I started to read a book called Song Quest by Katherine Roberts, the first in the Echorium Sequence (Yes, they are real books and I love them). After I read a few chapters I put the book down and turned on the radio, which was next to my bed, it was set on the news channel strangely enough and the newsman said in a monotone voice,
The torrential rain we have had today has caused flash flooding and technical difficulties through out the area of Trundle Hills people living in the area should not venture outside unless necessary…
Now you tell me, if mum and her ‘friends’ were listening to that means she would be home soon.

Just as I was thinking that I heard a slam of the door, I walked down the stairs to see mum standing there in a rain got happily. “Have fun with your friends?” I asked reluctantly.
“Yes, I’m sorry I’m all talked out can we do this another time?” she asked softly. I nodded she smiled and went off which was fine with me. I stumbled up the stairs and to my bed and just as I hopped in mum came in and asked “And how do suppose your jeans and jumper got like this Kaze?”
“I don’t know.” I said casually.
“Fine but make sure it doesn’t happen again okay!”
“Okay.” I said as my eyes slowly started to close over. I dreamed about that moment over and over again the way he just ran off leaving me there but I dint last for long as I woke to the door slamming again I presumed it was dad and just went into a dreamless sleep.


Jane said...

Sorry long time in the making but if you want to checkout my new blog which is just filled with randomness feel free.

βe said...

In the bushes with Kai eh? Sorry, couldn't help myself. Hehehe, the Echorium Sequence, I might read that series, since you say it's so good. Now go and continue writing the next chapters!!!!

Miss Vipro said...

Haha, sinking mud in the middle of a forest? Actually, my brother got stuck in one (which was actually normal mud) once. i totally freaked out and i'm admitting i burst into tears too.
love the story, cant wait until the next installment!